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coding 2017
Posted by modtrust | 23 January 2017

Ever wanted to change the design of the SharePoint 2013 Global Navigation? Today’s post is for front-end web developers. Particularly, the ones who work with Microsoft’s SharePoint 2013. Once upon a time, we encountered an issue where a client’s SharePoint 2013 navigation menus needed to be modified. This led us down a rabbit trail of...

modtrust 2017
Posted by modtrust | 26 January 2017

Excel documents (and other Office docs) in particular often run into problems on Sharepoint 2013 on public facing sites. This has been documented on TechRepublic and on Microsoft’s TechNet blog. Rather than going through the trouble of managing specific permissions in site settings (which can be cumbersome on larger sites), I wrote a script that...

Posted by modtrust | 26 January 2017

Want an easy way to create address links that automatically open in Google Maps?   Ever wondered how to turn your addresses into clickable links so that the Google Maps app will launch in mobile? Here is the HTML. Notice that span class “clickableAddress”–this is the identifier of modifying the address into a mobile clickable...

web design blog post 2017
Posted by modtrust | 22 January 2017

Happy New Year from ModTrust Web Design! Our new blog will be a source for both business owners and web developers. Our posts will range from helpful ideas, web design elements, and digital services that can elevate your user’s web experience. For the professional web developers who read this blog, we’ll also post helpful coding...

Posted by modtrust | 07 February 2017

The following code toggles the desktop and mobile views by two buttons that simply modify the meta tag’s viewport width. This assumes the following HTML: <a href="#" id="breakCSSButton">Toggle Desktop View On</a> <a href="#" id="restoreCSSButton" style="display:none">Toggle Mobile View On</a> The following jQuery/js sets the meta tag’s viewport width to a particular numerical width. This hides the...

modtrust 2017
Posted by modtrust | 26 January 2017

Every website owner should learn how to use Google Analytics to understand the website traffic coming to their site! We wanted to pass along this great article from Moz.com that was written for absolute beginners! Enjoy! https://moz.com/blog/absolute-beginners-guide-to-google-analytics ModTrust Web Design San Diego